Our Mission To empower people to live the life they imagine!

Our Purpose Cooking with purpose by educating Americans young and old about food to empower them to make good choices for healthy living and a healthy planet.

Our Vision Demarle at Home in Every Home!

Our Commitment To support and encourage the American Dream that combines the best of family traditions with the best knowledge about our food and health. Our aim is to help families achieve this dream by promoting the “Art of Good Living” – celebrating the simple joys of great food, vibrant health, and encouraging a lifestyle based on nutritious home‐cooked food, simple living, family dinners and strong communities.

Overview Today, presenting the Demarle at Home cooking with purpose concept is helping families around the world bring fresh and healthy ingredients to the table that are simply prepared and enjoyed together with family and friends. We present simple recipes and knowledge about health that give anyone in the kitchen the added support they need to prepare simple meals with fresh ingredients. We offer an everyday easy business opportunity teaching the ins and outs of a cooking party that anyone can do with ease and simplicity.

Demarle in the world A European company with headquarters and manufacturing plants located in Wavrin near Lille (North of France). 32 Million Euros in Sales in 2002, 126 Employees, currently successfully promoting direct sales in: France, Germany, Italy, Belgium and United Kingdom.

Demarle Timeline Although Demarle At Home is new to the U.S., we are not new in the industry. A profitable track record in both the professional and direct sales industry allows us to lead with experience and success in the US market. In 1960, Guy Demarle came up with a new non-stick process designed for the food industry. A pioneer in the food-standard high-temperature silicone technology, Mr. Demarle used this new material combined with a fibreglass structure, to create professional tools designed for the food industry.  He first invented a silicone coated sheet, to replace the leather then used by confectioners, then non-stick baguette mats that revolutionised bread cooking, bringing it hygiene, quality and productivity. This is when he developed Silpat® - a baking sheet used by bakers and sweets specialists alike, to prepare pastries or work with sugar. Silpat® soon turned out to be an essential tool for chefs all around the world.

A New Concept In 1994, Patrice Jacquelin acquired the Demarle brand and launched a new concept: Gourmet Cooking at Home.  Jacquelin was raised with a passion for cooking, in Burgundy, a temple of the French gastronomy. Very quickly,  he became aware of the huge potential of the Demarle brands, and decided from then on, developing the Demarle name meant conquering the everyday cook’s kitchen. In 1995, after years of success in the professional culinary marketplace, he brilliantly chose direct sales as the way to market and distribute the Demarle products through Cooking Parties at home.

An Impressive Success

Demarle at Home launched in the United States in 2003 with Cindy Juncaj, a “Mompreneur” and former teacher, who had experience and success empowering people across the USA to build the business of their dreams. Today, Demarle at Home helps people create the life they imagine through savvy business practices supported by a product line that everyone loves.