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Silpat® Non-Stick Baking Mats are designed for every type of oven. From savory to pastry baking, nothing sticks to Silpat®. It is reusable for thousands of uses and provides even heat transfer to baked goods. Use your Silpat® everytime you bake!


Silform® is specially designed for baking with doughs and breads. Silform® will provide even heat transfer to your baked goods. The non-stick properties are effective in freezing, proofing and baking.


Roul’Pat® is a non-stick countertop workstation mat. Roul’Pat® is ideal for rolling dough and working with fondant or messy craft projects. Nothing sticks to Roul’Pat® and clean up is a snap.

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    At Demarle at Home, we understand why you cook because we’re cooks too. We understand that eating healthy food together creates moments and memories that last a lifetime. Our products include professional flexible cookware that will transform the way you cook, clean-up and organize your kitchen. We make it easy for you to create nourishing and healthy dinners at home and in turn; you create memories and strengthen those bonds with all who sit at your table.
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