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Host your own cooking party

Sharing Demarle at Home with your friends is the ultimate party. Your guests become part of the show while your consultant prepares easy and delicious recipes that anyone can recreate at home. All you do is invite your friends, plan your menu with your Consultant and sit back and watch your guests be delighted when that first dish is flipped out.

The How To’s…Keep it Simple!

To host a cooking party, just invite your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to join you for a fun night out. Use email, Facebook, e-vites, and mail. Carry extra paper invites with you, because you never know who you’ll run into while you are out and about… the more guests you invite, the more free products you will likely earn!

Plan your simple menu and shopping list with your consultant.

  • Talk about your party to everyone.
  • Make reminder calls the day before.
  • Sit around in the kitchen, laugh and learn about Demarle at Home’s great products.
  • You and your guests walk away with some awesome recipes and cooking tips and a new way to bring everyday easy into your kitchen!

Our average host earns over $100 in free products, several half-priced items AND free shipping! You can also purchase monthly specials that are exclusive to Hosts Only! The cooking party experience will leave you and your guests in awe of the possibilities… whether you’re looking for more convenience or more creativity in your kitchen, we’ve got it all!

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At Demarle at Home, we understand why you cook because we’re cooks too. We understand that eating healthy food together creates moments and memories that last a lifetime. Our products include professional flexible cookware that will transform the way you cook, clean-up and organize your kitchen. We make it easy for you to create nourishing and healthy dinners at home and in turn; you create memories and strengthen those bonds with all who sit at your table.
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