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Crème Fraîche (French Sour Cream)

Recipe by Crème fraîche will really rev up your cooking! My go-to container for crème fraîche is a wide-mouth pint-sized canning jar. Crème fraîche can be used as a natural alternative to sour cream, and of course you can use it for a recipe that calls for cream. Use it in a quiche. Add a small dollop to two eggs for luxurious scrambled eggs. Mix in equal measure with Nutella for a sinfully delicious dessert topping.


  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 2 Tbsp cultured buttermilk (or cultured crème fraîche)


Put buttermilk in bottom of two cup container and pour in cream.Cover container and vigorously shake for thirty seconds.Remove lid and replace with a plastic zipper bag or aluminum foil.Place container in a warm location and after 12-24 hours the mixture will noticeably thicken.Cover container with lid and place in refrigerator.Lasts about two weeks and your crème fraîche can be used instead of buttermilk for the next batch.

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