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When you sit down at the table and glance around the room to see your teenager, your toddler, your husband or wife, or a group of your best friends smiling, talking, laughing… eating… enjoying the rewards of a great cooking experience. There’s something so satisfying about watching the people you love most enjoy a meal that you prepared just for them.






We believe families need this experience more often. We share just how simple it is to create and enjoy nourishing and healthy meals at home. We understand the dilemma families face every day with over scheduled time and technology overload that competes with a strong desire to shut it all down to spend time together.

We believe in the intelligent kitchen where tools are highly innovative, versatile, and of the best quality. With a minimal amount of use, you too can become a clever cook. Our community of Demarle at Home Consultants teach and encourage everyone at their cooking parties to live the cooking experience in their home as frequently as possible.

Our Consultants help people find the same joys of cooking while running an at home business that is self-directed, financially rewarding and centered around everything that people love; food, family and friends.

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At Demarle at Home, we understand why you cook because we’re cooks too. We understand that eating healthy food together creates moments and memories that last a lifetime. Our products include professional flexible cookware that will transform the way you cook, clean-up and organize your kitchen. We make it easy for you to create nourishing and healthy dinners at home and in turn; you create memories and strengthen those bonds with all who sit at your table.
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